January 31, 2023

EP 20: Prismm: The Digital Vault Built For Your Most Important Documents with Martha Underwood

If you store your important documents in a locked drawer or have a list of where they all are that hasn’t been updated in a decade, sharing them with your trusted network can be stressful. Prismm makes it easier and more secure.

In this episode, Shannon Spotswood speaks with Martha Underwood, founder of Prismm, a digital vault built for end-of-life. Martha talks about her career in technology and executive leadership and introduces Prismm, why she saw a need for it, how it allows people to share important documents before or at the end of their life with consent, and how accessible it is to use.

Martha discusses:

  • What Prismm is and why she saw a need for it
  • How Prismm allows its users to share important documentation with consent
  • What the uses of Prismm are during-life and after-life
  • How accessible Prismm is
  • And more

About Martha:

Martha Underwood is an advisor, speaker, and founder. Martha is a co-founder of Prismm. She graduated from the University of South Florida with a BA in English and technical writing and completed her Executive Leadership Certification from the University of Texas at Austin.

Martha Underwood is skilled at successfully managing large-scale digital transformation initiatives within budget by leveraging the cross-functional talent of teams. She is also one of the most sought out speakers on the topic of Women Leading in Technology & Innovation in the business marketplace. Martha focuses on creating extraordinary strategies that lead to increased compensation and executive advancement without compromising authenticity or integrity.