February 2, 2023

EP 21: From Lawyer To Advisor: Working With High Net Worth Individuals ft. Lynne Wiggins

Commitment and care matter to all of our clients as financial advisors. These traits are especially important when working with high-net-worth individuals, and who better to meticulously commit to and care for clients than a former lawyer?

In this episode, Shannon Spotswood speaks with Lynne Wiggins, a former lawyer, current financial advisor, and founder of Ariv Wealth, about advising high-net-worth individuals. Lynn shares why she switched careers, the importance of commitment and care when working with high-net-worth clients, why multi-generational planning is so exciting, and what led her to found Ariv Wealth.

Lynne discusses:

  • Why she switched from working as a lawyer to an advisor
  • Why commitment and care matter so much in her approach to working with high-net-worth clients
  • The exciting opportunities for growth with multi-generational planning
  • What the industry can do to attract more female talent into finance
  • What led her to start Ariv Wealth where she is in her career
  • How she weaves expensive passions into financial plans
  • And more

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About our Guest:

Lynne Wiggins is the Founder and CEO of Ariv Wealth. Lynne is a twenty-five-year veteran in the securities industry both as an Attorney and Financial Advisor, Lynne enjoys working closely with her clients and developing an overall strategic wealth management plan aligned with their goals and family legacy plan. As a FINRA Arbitrator, former SEC Attorney, and trial counsel for several Fortune 500 companies, Lynne’s experience spans decades and across multi-disciplines. Her passion for helping clients, extensive knowledge of the financial markets, and dedication to a high standard of excellence provide her clients with the roadmap to their desired financial destination.​ Lynne and her family are sports enthusiasts and enjoy outdoor life in Austin with their 3 dogs and horses.