February 14, 2023

Ep. 23: The Journey Of Independence with Kevin Harper, CFP®

Most advisors who go independent, never look back. For Kevin Harper, it was the best decision he’s made for his career.

In this episode, Shannon Spotswood speaks with Kevin Harper, CFP®, about his personal journey of independence. He walks us through his journey up to how he found himself where he is today and all the ups, downs, and in-betweens on the way.

Kevin discusses:

  • What his business looks like
  • Why other advisors are following the trend to go independent
  • How he manages his work-life balance to prioritize what matters the most to him
  • Why more advisors aren’t walking the path that he’s walking
  • How changing the paradigm of where an advisor works weaves into the client experience
  • And more

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About our Guest:

Kevin Harper, CFP® is an independent advisor in wealth management located in Birmingham, Alabama. He graduated from the University of Alabama with a bachelor of science in finance and joined Olde Discount Brokerage the same year as a financial advisor. After 20 years of experience in the financial industry, Kevin joined RFG Advisory and is now an executive vice president.