April 12, 2023

Ep. 30: The 4 Elements of Communication with Apollo Lupescu, PhD

Would you consider yourself a good communicator?

In this episode, Shannon Spotswood speaks with the Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisors, Apollo Lupescu, PhD, about why communication matters so much in the world of financial advising.

Apollo discusses:

  • The importance of communication for advisors and what “Nerd vs. Shark” means
  • How important active listening is for advisors
  • Why advisors need to know who their audience is
  • Why advisors need to create a playbook for selling their words and answering their clients’ questions
  • And more


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About our Guest:

Apollo Lupescu is the Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisors. He joined Dimensional in 2004 as a regional director and oversaw the firm’s advisor 401(k) business. Prior to joining Dimensional, Apollo served in a variety of roles with the US Department of State, from which he formed his own consulting firm, Apollo Consulting Group. His interests in finance and investments led him to teaching engagements at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Apollo received his PhD in economics and finance from UCSB and holds a BA from Michigan State University, where he competed in and coached water polo.