May 1, 2023

Ep. 31: The 5 Freedoms of a Successful Business and a Life That You Love with Stephanie Bogan

Stop spending a galactic waste of your time on activities that won’t get you or your advisory practice where you want to be, and start investing yourself into a life that you love.

In this episode, Shannon Spotswood interviews Stephanie Bogan, a high-performance business coach at Limitless, about the five freedoms that are essential for building a successful business and living a fulfilling life. She explains why many advisors waste time on practices that don’t support growth, profit, or happiness, and offers two questions that can help them achieve their goals. You will learn how to overcome mediocrity and create a business and life that you truly love.

Stephanie discusses:

  • The 5 freedoms of being a limitless advisor
  • Her definition of success
  • Why advisors spend a galactic waste of time on practices that don’t support growth, profit or happiness
  • The 2 questions every advisor should ask themselves to get better answers about accomplishing the growth they want to see
  • How advisors can accomplish a successful business and obtain a life that they love
  • What it means to quit sucking on the lollipop of mediocrity
  • And more


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