May 2, 2023

Ep. 32: Podcasting Your Way to Influence as a Financial Advisor With Matt Halloran

Are you tired of being drowned out in a sea of financial advisors all saying the same thing? It’s time to turn up the volume and let your unique voice be heard!

In this episode, Shannon Spotswood interviews podcasting guru, Matt Halloran, about why advisors should podcast. Matt discusses the power of podcasting in enabling advisors to showcase their authentic selves, build influence, and strategically align their practice and marketing strategy for maximum impact. With the evolving landscape of the financial industry, he covers the 5 ROIs that advisors can expect to gain from podcasting.

Matt discusses:

  • How podcasting lets advisors be their authentic selves and can help them build influence
  • How and why  advisors should think about their practice and marketing strategy before committing to a podcast
  • The 5 ROIs of podcasting
  • How podcasting and marketing fit into the changing financial industry
  • And more

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About our Guest:

Matt Halloran is Partner and podcasting expert at ProudMouth. A former business and life coach to top advisors, Matt has helped 5000 advisors and counting, understand how to create trust and build rapport with prospects they haven’t even met yet. He studied the way people communicate for over 20 years, has been featured in The Wall Street Journal as a digital communication expert, and wrote the first social media book dedicated to financial services, “The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors.” He has now combined his extensive knowledge and expertise in business and coaching with one of his passions: podcasting. Matt has hosted and been on over 1,000 podcasts. He’s also the host of ProudMouth’s podcast, the Top Advisor Marketing Podcast, where he shares marketing strategies tailored for advisors and connects with top industry leaders.