July 5, 2023

Ep. 37: Getting Back To Doing What You Love Most as an Advisor with Matt Halloran

Do you find yourself dragging yourself out of bed, lacking the energizing spark in your work as an advisor? It’s time to reclaim your motivation and kick burnout to the curb!

In this episode, Shannon Spotswood is interviewed by Influence Expert and Top Advisor Marketing podcast host, Matt Halloran, about the importance of prioritizing time, aligning interests with clients, utilizing technology and digital media, and telling personal stories to connect with clients on a human level. Shannon also discusses RFG Advisory’s commitment to helping advisors connect with female prospects and clients through their StrongHER Money initiative.

Shannon discusses:

  • What is the importance of prioritizing time as a financial advisor
  • Tips for prioritizing time and reassessing day-to-day activities as a financial advisor
  • Why you need to clearly define how you will feel most fulfilled and inspired in your work (and the risk you run when you don’t do this)
  • How building a team that aligns with your service model and goals can help free up time to focus on prospecting and deepening relationships with clients
  • Why it’s important for financial advisors to align their interests with their clients’ values and interests
  • What the two key factors currently present in the financial advisory industry are
  • How to find and work with clients who align with your interests so you can stay inspired and develop your niche
  • The challenges financial advisors face in creating unique, customized experiences for their clients
  • How financial advisors can improve their marketing efforts through, RFG Advisory’s marketing team, or PodRocket Academy
  • Why advisors resist spending time doing personal activities with clients and how to stop feeling guilty when you decide to do this (for the sake of your business!)
  • Why prioritizing time as a financial advisor is essential to achieving desired levels of success
  • And more


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About Matt Halloran:

Matt Halloran is Partner and Podcasting Expert at ProudMouth. A former business and life coach to top advisors, Matt has helped 5,000+ advisors understand how to create trust and build rapport with prospects they haven’t even met yet. He has studied the way people communicate for over 20 years, has been featured in The Wall Street Journal as a digital communication expert, and wrote “The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors” –– the first social media book dedicated to financial services. He has now combined his extensive knowledge and expertise in business and coaching with one of his passions: podcasting. Matt has hosted and been on 1,000+ podcasts. He’s also the host of ProudMouth’s podcasts, the Top Advisor Marketing Podcast, where he shares marketing strategies tailored for advisors and connects with top industry leaders.