August 1, 2023

Ep. 46: How Availability & Support Make A Difference For Clients With Kelly Klingaman

Welcome to Game Film with Dr. J, where we share some of the most valuable lessons for advisors from real client experiences and business decisions.

In this episode, Dr. Jordan Hutchison, Vice President of Technology at RFG, welcomes Kelly Klingaman, CFP®, RLP®, founder of Kelly Klingaman Financial Planning, to an episode of Game Film with Dr. J where Kelly shares her journey into the industry and emphasizes the importance of being present for clients and addressing their emotional needs. She discusses specific examples of helping clients with car purchases and home buying decisions. Kelly also talks about the value of communication, personal interaction, and accountability in financial planning. She shares her experience of ignoring advice and staying true to her vision in creating her business.

Kelly discusses:

  • Her background and how she became an advisor
  • Why making herself available to her clients is so important to her
  • How being present for clients helps them handle stressful situations
  • The importance of communication and why she believes making a phone call is better than just sending an email
  • The use of technology in client communication
  • How she addresses the action intention gap and why she only offers ongoing planning services
  • Why creating a vision for clients and aligning money with values is so important
  • The worst piece of advice she has received in her career and how she handled it
  • And more


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About our Guest:

Kelly Klingaman, CFP®, RLP®, is a passionate financial advisor who empowers professional women and their families to navigate their financial journeys with confidence. With a degree in Finance from the University of Texas and a successful 12-year career at Dimensional Fund Advisors, Kelly’s expertise lies in utilizing financial science for long-term investing. In 2022, she founded KKFP to address the unique challenges faced by women in the corporate world, providing strategic advice on maximizing retirement savings, tax planning, equity compensation, and aligning financial decisions with personal values. Based in Austin, Texas, Kelly finds joy in family adventures, sand volleyball, paddleboarding, and sharing her famous chocolate chip cookie recipe.